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    The Atlanta Puppet web site is extensive. We have included as much information as possible for all the programs we offer. 
The web site continues to grow as we develope new programs and offer new features and improvements.

    As a convenience to aid in your navigation of the site, we provide this Site Map with links that can be used to pin-point the
exact program and accompanying information that is of interest to you for your needs. 

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General Information

- Home Page       - Who Is Atlanta Puppet    - Contact Information

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Calendars of Availability
- September - December     - January - May    - June - July

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& Fairs
- Introductory Page

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Performance Program Rates

- Performance Rates

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Workshop Programs for Fair / Festival Events

Fast Puppet
-Workshop Description


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School Programs
- School Puppet Program Introduction Page


Performance Programs for Schools:

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School Program Rates

- Performance Rates   

Special for South Carolina
- South Carolina Rates
      - South Carolina Map

See Box Below For Workshops & Residency Information For Schools

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Puppet Workshops

For Schools, Museums, After-School Programs, Cultural Centers, YMCA's, Summer Camps:

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Information for Libraries Only

- Summer Reading Club Tour -

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Birthday Party Information

- Description & Cost         

- Birthday Party Performance Area Diagram

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