Mix-N-Match Custom Holiday Puppet Show

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Mix-N-Match a Custom Holiday Season spectacle to suit your program time limit needs from our repetoire of seasonal and popular all-season puppet performance routines.

Choose from the routines offered to develope a performance for your Christmas Event or as an excellent program to end the year on a joyful note and bring in the New Year!

Feel confident your choices will result in a variety program that is colorful,  audience-interactive, and will have something to delight everyone of every age range!

monkeys.jpg (5405 bytes)
Clap along with the Jingle Bell Monkeys as they shake their bananas to a "Duelin’ Banjos" version of Jingle Bells!

reindeer.jpg (69837 bytes)
Cheer for Blitzen the Dare Devil Reindeer as he soars through space on his Holiday Unicycle!

confetti_lsuncher_nbklt.jpg (9061 bytes)
All this and a Grand Finale featuring a Confetti/Streamer Launcher to shower your audience with Holiday Time cheer!

knight on horse web page.jpg (144471 bytes)
An appearance by our popular Sir Andrea and his singing horse Sarah!

Additional Puppets That Can Be Included In The Program
Pick the puppet routines that will best fill your time limit needs....

Bernadette_Circus_Festival.jpg (2326 bytes)
Juggling English Teddy Bear with candy cane toss
Bavarian_dancers_med.jpg (2048 bytes)
Friedrich & Frieda
Bavarian Polka Dancers
Add some

"Frohe Weihnachten!"
to your event!
flop_purple_clown_circus.jpg (2142 bytes)
French Clown Dancer
Simple & mesmerizing
A child's toy comes to life!
flop_skeleton_medium.jpg (2429 bytes)
Top Hat Bones
A favorite puppet routine anywhere we perform!

unicorn-100-group2X2.gif (25574 bytes)
A Quartet Of Dancing Unicorns
Popular fantasy characters leap and dance!

country-bunny-trio-8-white.gif (13747 bytes)
The Country Bunny Family
Papa plays fiddle, Ma rides a unicycle & juggles, Junior does a clogging dance!

~ Unique Puppet Routine Not Seen Anywhere Else! ~
cat-through-hoop-word3.gif (13770 bytes)
Roger, The Dare-Devil Cat Puppet
Your audience will thrill to the sight of Roger being launched by a catapult and flying across the stage and  through a hoop! Audience participants are selected to help achieve the dare-devil stunt!


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