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This show is especially designed for audiences that are 5 years old or younger. It is filled with music, color, fun, excitement - and fluffy bunnies!

The show is in a variety format of short routines performed by unique specialty marionettes and other puppet forms that cannot be seen anywhere else.

This makes it very appropriate to young attention spans while making it adaptable and flexible to time limits.

~ Featured Puppet Routines Include ~

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Fluffy Duckie Dance
The Fluffy Duckie Trio (friends of Peter Rabbit) are hatched from a giant colorful egg and lead the audience in their own version of the "Chicken Dance". Lots of fun with special-strung marionettes that dance as a chorus line; flap their little wings in joyful performance; and fly out to the audience for interaction!

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Large (40 in.) plush body marionettes of Peter and Benjamin Rabbit walk into the audience to receive hugs from children. Although large in size, these adorable, soft puppet characters pose no threat as compared to human costumed characters and are received warmly by children of all ages.
Great as Walk-Around Puppets, Too!

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Mountain Bunny Family
Bluegrass Fiddlin'

Pa Bunny plays an energetic, clap-along  fiddlin' reel (tune) while Ma Bunny juggles and rides a unicycle and Junior Bunny does a Mountain Clogging Dance. These unique marionettes will have your audience clapping along in mountain music fun!

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Pink Bunny Catapult Launch
The Courageous Pink Bunny demonstrates his bravery by being launched by catapult across the stage, flying through a hoop, and being caught safely on the other side. Audience members are selected to help acheive the spectacular stunt!

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Peter Rabbit Grand Finale Celebration
Peter is dressed in a magnificent costume to perform a grand finale with miniature confetti/streamer launcher that fills the air with color and excitement!

The performance comes self contained with staging, sound system, and ground mat carpet for audience seating. A shade canopy can also be provided for audience comfort on sunny days. The show can be performed indoors or outside on flat, level grass or paved area.

Fast Puppet Making Workshop, Too!

There is also a Fast Puppet Making Workshop available to accompany the performances during the day. Participants quickly make a puppet of their own to take home from materials provided. The workshop is fast! Completed puppets are achieved in a matter of minutes. It is faster than standing in line for face-painting with results more durable than balloon animal novelties... your preschoolers/kindergartners  will have a remembrance item from you that actually makes it past the parking lot!

Contact Peter Hart for More Information About The Fast Puppet Workshop

Peter Hart / Atlanta Puppet    770 621-9162  ~ or ~ 404 754-3436

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