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Fantasy Puppet Show

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"Beauty, Wonder, and Amazing Puppetry"

The dare-devil cousin of Puss-in-Boots soars through a hoop,
A quartet of unicorns dance,
Unique puppets of different styles dazzle, delight, and draw your
audience into a world of exciting imagination...

Some details about this amazing show ----

- There is a quartet of dancing unicorn marionettes.

- The Country Bunny Family (friends of Brer Rabbit) performs:   Pa plays fiddle, Ma rides a unicycle and juggles, Junior does clogging dance

- Friedrich and Frieda (friends of Hansel and Gretel) do a polka dance

- Roger, the Dare Devil Cat (cousin of Puss in Boots), is launched by catapult across the stage

- Sarah and Sir Andrea (Knight and Horse) sing a beautiful duet

- A Surprise Grand Finale that will fill the air with color and excitement!

As with our other shows:

  • It is time-adjustable to suit your needs (From 25 minutes to 45 minutes)
  • It is age appropriate and still appeals to parents and grownups -- they will be especially glad they saw the show with their children
  • There will be audiece interaction and participation in the performance
  • There is lots of action, music, humor, and finely hand-crafted puppets of different styles
  • All technical elements (sound, light, staging) are provided
  • You will receive thanks and appreciation from your audience. Our goal for this show is to have the audience exit saying, "That was beautiful...and I'm impressed!"


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