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Exciting Interactive Puppet Show With A "World Culture" Theme
For Summer 2012

Involve and engage the children that come to your 2012 Summer Reading Program with

"The International Puppet Show"

It will be filled with music, fun, and audience interaction/participation!

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Indian Snake Charmer
A snake charmer marionette charms a beautiful cobra with lively music on his flute. There is audience participation as children discover their own hands can be “snake puppets”.

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Bavarian Polka Dancers
A marionette couple (Friedrich and Frieda) is dressed in traditional Bavarian costume and perform a short polka dance as the audience claps along.

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Italian Knight/Horse Duo
Knight and horse marionettes sing a beautiful ballad from Tuscany. The audience learns how to say “goodbye” in Italian and interacts with the puppets during the duet’s performance.

Scottish Pigs-In-Kilts
Muppet-style puppets (the Haggis Brothers), perform a rousing Highland Romp of a song as participants chosen from the audience wave streamers to accompany the porcine pair!

2010-Dragon-solo-2X2.JPG (84093 bytes)
Chinese Parade Dragon
(For venues with large space)
An 18 foot long Chinese parade dragon enlists members of the audience for its manipulation in its performance as well as incorporating the rest of the audience during the dragon’s dance!

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