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Q: Do you sell merchandise?
A: No, we do not sell merchandise of any kind. We are an entertainment in service to your festival. This also goes for the puppets made in the Fast Puppet Workshop.

Q: What are your electrical needs?
A: We need one outlet of common household voltage to supply power for our sound equipment. We bring 50 ft. of extension cord. Should there be no electrical outlet available, we can bring a small, quiet generator. Please do let us know if we should bring the generator!

Q: You have amplified sound. Will that be a problem for others in your area?
A: No, not at all!  We have developed artful ways to place our small speakers to provide sound for our audiences and not conflict with the business of those around us. We never "crank it up". As demonstrated at our appearance at festivals throughout the South, we fit in well in vendor areas and actually serve to draw traffic to those areas.

Q: Can you share an established stage with other acts?
A: Yes. We have quick on-off times. We can coordinate our sound needs with your PA person or use our own system. However, you will get more use from us if we are a stand-alone attraction. As a stand-alone with our own stage, we can expand your entertainment potential and offering to the public.

Q: Can other small acts use your stage?
A: Yes. We have successfully shared our stage at several events with other small acts (solo musicians, storytellers, magicians, etc.) and also served as stage manager/emcee for the acts. The performers and event organizers were very pleased with the arrangement.   Let us know if you are interested in this approach. It is included in the Unlimited Day Rate.

Q: How many performances can you do in a day?
A: That is dependent on the active hours of your event. It is also up to your needs and scheduling logistics. We recommend at least one 20 - 25 minute performance per hour. We specialize in adjustable formats so the performances can be any length of time that suits your needs.

Q: Our organization collects for local charities. Can our collections benefit from what you have to offer?
A: Absolutely! We are an excellent "Donation Focus Point" at an event. We can announce the collection of donations for your charities during a show and provide monitored collection boxes in the perfomance area to receive cash donations that will go back to your organization's treasury.

Q: Do you have materials that can be used in our promotions?
A: Yes --

  • We can provide JPG (picture) files that you can forward to print media outlets (newspapers, newsletters, etc.) for promotional purposes or post on your web site.

  • We can provide JPG Flyers designed especially for your event that you can download, copy, print, and distribute.

  • You can also cut -and-paste any information from this special site. Should you need more, please contact us or have your public relations/promotions department contact us.

Our Contact Info: Peter & Mary Ann Hart     770 621-9162  ~ or ~

Q: Do you do walk-around puppets?
A: Yes. We have several charming puppets we have designed specifically for use in walk-around situations between performances. They are great attention getters and good photo opportunites as children (and grownups!) interact with the puppets. This is included in the "Unlimited Day Rate".

Q: We arrange for sponsors for our entertainment. Can what you present benefit them?
A: Yes indeed! We have several Sponsor Packages that provide tremendous benefits to single/multiple sponsors and benefit your festival as well. We will provide additional information you can then refer to potential or current sponsors of your festival. In short, we are your sponsor’s dream situation at a festival!

Q: Do you have any other performances that would be suitable?
A: Yes. The performance featured here on this web site is for general audiences of a wide demographic. We do have a very clever show with "character value" messages presented in a gentle, humorous way for general audiences. It features animals in their own form of Olympics. It was also designed to be capable of performance in outdoor environments. We will be glad to provide more details if this is of interest to you.

Q: Insurance?
A: Yes. We carry a $2 million general liability policy (First Specialty Insurance Corp.).   We can provide a certificate listing your event as "additional insured" upon request. Please notify us in advance to allow for adequate processing time.

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Contact Information:  Peter Hart   ph: 770 621-9162    
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