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What Is In The Show -
"Cool puppets, professional presentation, the audience was completely enthralled...", CNN Arts Special 2003

Our "Specialty Puppet" show is filled with music, color, action, and unique puppets. It is a show for everyone in a family audience. There is a degree of humor, sophistication, cleverness and skill presented for grownups to totally enjoy the performance.

The show is in a variety format that is perfect for a walk-by audience. All of the puppet routines presented have some form of audience interaction or participation.

It will be a highlight of your event -- just ask our Festival References!

We have many unique puppets of different styles. Pictured below are some of our most popular:

Clown Dancer Marionette
Charming in its simplicity!

Singing Knight & Horse from Italy
Beautiful & Masterful!

Muppet Style
A Rousing Highland Romp!

Break-away Skeleton Marionette with family-friendly rap song

cat-through-hoop-word3.gif (13770 bytes)
Roger, the Dare Devil Cat, is launched by catapult and soars across the stage!
Audience members participate!

Bavarian Polka Marionette Dancers
A Clap-Along Favorite!

Pierrot Water Squirt Puppet
Our Popular Grand Finale!

country-bunny-trio-2.gif (8820 bytes)
The Country Bunny Family
Pa plays fiddle, Ma rides a unicycle & juggles, and Jr. does a clogging dance

The standard length of performance is 20 - 25 minutes for a walk-by audience as a grounds act attraction.
The show length time can be longer - or shorter - and can be presented as many times as you wish during the festival day

- Walk-Around Puppets, Too! -

We have additional puppet characters designed for strolling the grounds and interacting with visitors before and after the performances. Along with great photo opportunities, there is a chance for actual hands-on manipulation of the puppets by visitors!

Our Contact Info: Peter & Mary Ann Hart 770 621-9162


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