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Below is a list of books that are relevant to Atlanta Puppet's Circus Berzerkus program. The list is quite long and includes many non-fiction titles found in the juvenile category of most libraries. Check to see if you have these titles in your book catalog service.

You may already have selected books for the Circus theme. The book list below will aid to expand the list. If you have set out selected books at the time of the show, the puppeteer will make mention during the performance that the books are available.

We have focused on many non-fiction titles in the list. It should be noted that non-fiction works provide practice in reading skills that require retention in order to follow the directions and instructions that are often provided in the text or illustrations in the books. Non-fiction works of an instructional nature also provide the benefits of bringing a family together to work on a project and produce great satisfaction when directions are followed and results are attained.

In additon to some fiction titles, the list includes titles for Puppet Making, Mask Making, Costume Making, Paper Crafts, Toy Making, Doll Making, Toy Theaters, Model Making, Theatre, and Drawing Techniques.

Navigation of the list is by scrolling down the page with your cursor.

We are also offering Study Guides and Lesson Plans for your Home School groups!

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  1. All aboard the circus train / by Laura Driscoll ;illustrated by Robert Roper
  2. Circus surprise / Sue Harris ; illustrated by Ingela Peterson.
  3. The Golden circus / by Kathryn Jackson ; illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen.
  4. If I ran the circus / by Dr. Seuss.
  5. Little Bobo's circus adventure / Serena Romanelli illustrated by Hans de Beer.
  6. Sidewalk circus / presented by Paul Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes.
  7. Step right up : stories of carnivals, sideshows and the circus / edited by Nathaniel Knaebel.
  8. You see a circus, I see-- / Michael C. Downs ; illustrated by Anik McGrory.
  9. The case of Clue's circus caper / by Judy Katschke.
  10. Cirque du Soleil : a parade of colors / photographs by Al Seib ;written by Patrisha Grainger Robertson.
  11. The Golden circus / by Kathryn Jackson ; illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen
  12. Last night I dreamed a circus / by Maya Gottfried ;illustrated by Robert Rahway Zakanitch
  13. The smallest circus in the world / by Mariana Fedorova; illustrated by Eugen Sopko
  14. Welcome to the circus! / Denise M. Jordan.
  15. When the circus came to town / Laurence Yep ; drawings by Suling Wang
  16. Fly, Dumbo, fly! / by Jennifer Liberts Weinberg.


  1. Crafty puppets / by Thomasina Smith.
  2. I can make Puppets / written and photographed by Mary Wallace.
  3. I want to be a puppeteer / Ivan Bulloch & Diane James ; [photography, Fiona Pragoff ; illustrations, Debi Ani].
  4. Make your own performing puppets / Teddy Cameron Long.
  5. One-person puppet plays / Denise Anton Wright ; illustrated by John Wright.
  6. Plenty of puppets to make / written by Robyn and Lauren Supraner ; illustrated by Renzo Barto. .
  7. Puppets / Lyndie Wright; consultant: Henry Pluckrose; photography: Chris Fairclough.
  8. Puppets and masks / Nan Rump.
  9. Remo Bufano's book of puppetry / edited and compiled by Arthur Richmond ; drawings by Remo Bufano.
  10. Simple puppets you can make / Jennifer MacLennan.


  1. Crafty masks / by Thomasina Smith.
  2. Easy to make monster masks and disguises / written and illustrated by Frieda Gates.
  3. Great masks to make / written by Robyn Supraner ; illustrated by Renzo Barto.
  4. Make-up monsters / by Marcia Lynn Cox.
  5. Make your own costumes and disguises / written by Judith Conaway ; illustrated by Renzo Barto.
  6. Masks / devised and illustrated by Clare Beaton.


  1. 101 costumes for all ages, all occasions / by Richard Cummings ; illustrated by Opal Jackson.
  2. American Indian clothes and how to make them / Alex Whitney ; illustrated by Marie and Nils Ostberg.
  3. Clothes / Brenda Ralph Lewis.
  4. Costume / written by L. Rowland-Warne.
  5. The costume book / by Joseph Leeming ; drawings by Hilda Richman.
  6. Costumes / by Kevin K. Casey.
  7. Costumes / devised and illustrated by Clare Beaton.
  8. Costumes / devised and illustrated by Clare Beaton.
  9. Costumes and clothes / Jean Cooke.
  10. The dressing up book : lots of ideas for amazing hats, masks, and costumes / by Wendy Baker ; written and edited by Diane James ; still-life photographs by Jon Barnes ; photographs of children by Fiona Pragoff.
  11. Easy costumes you don't have to sew / by Goldie Taub Chernoff ; costumes designed and illustrated by Margaret A. Hartelius.
  12. Easy to make costumes / written and illustrated by Frieda Gates.
  13. Make your own costumes and disguises / written by Judith Conaway ; illustrated by Renzo Barto.


  1. 50 nifty paper crafts / written by Holly Hebert.
  2. 50 ways to have fun with old newspapers / Bill Severn ; illustrated by Elizabeth Green and William Sobolewski.
  3. Animal crafts / Iain MacLeod-Brudenell ; photographs by Zul Mukhida.
  4. Animals and birds / Florence Temko.
  5. Art from paper : with projects using waste paper and printed materials / Gillian Chapman & Pam Robson.
  6. Building with paper / E. Richard Churchill ; illustrated by James Michaels.
  7. Costume crafts / Iain MacLeod-Brudenell ; photographs by Zul Mukhida.
  8. Dinosaur discoveries : how to create your own prehistoric world / by Robin West ; photographs by Bob and Diane Wolfe ; drawings by Mindy Rabin.
  9. Easy costumes you don’t have to sew / by Goldie Taub Chernoff ; costumes designed and illustrated by Margaret A. Hartelius.
  10. Fun with paper / written by Robyn Supraner ; illustrated by Renzo Barto.
  11. Holiday paper projects / E. Richard Churchill ; illustrated by James Michaels.
  12. How to have fun with paper / Stewart Cowley.
  13. Look what you can make with paper plates / edited by Margie Hayes Richmond ; photographs by Hank Schneider.
  14. Magic windows / cut-paper art and stories by Carmen Lomas Garz a ; as told to Harriet Rohmer ; edited by David Schecter ; Spanish translation by Francisco X. Alarcon = Ventanas magicas / papel picado y relatos de Carmen Lomas Garza ; contados a
  15. Make your own paper dinosaurs / Sally and Stewart Walton.
  16. Make your own paper jungle / Sally and Stewart Walton.
  17. Models / Helen and Peter McNiven ; with photographs by Chris Fairclough.
  18. Moving art / Hilary Devonshire ; photograph, Chris Fairclough.
  19. Paper bag crafts / by Jeri Dayle ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon.
  20. Paper birds that fly / Norman Schmidt.
  21. Paper gifts and jewelry / Florence Temko.
  22. Paper magic : creating fantasies & performing tricks with paper / by Ormond McGill ; drawings by Anne Canevari Green.
  23. Papercrafts around the world / by Phyllis Fiarotta and Noel Fiarotta.
  24. Papercrafts : origami, papier-m?achae, and collage / by Judith Hoffman Corwin.
  25. Projects with paper / by Roser Pinol.
  26. Super toys & games from paper / by F. Virginia Walter.
  27. Toys and games / Helen and Peter McNiven ; with photographs by Chris Fairclough.
  28. Using paper and paint / compiled and revised by Beryl Leitch, Margaret Crowther, and Jenny Mulherin ; projects designed by Jervis Tuttell and Frank Cawley.
  29. You and your child paperplay / by Ray Gibson and Jenny Tyler. Illustrated by Sue Stitt, Simone Abel and Graham Round. Designed by Carol Law ; Edited by Robyn Gee.  
  1. Action contraptions : easy-to-make toys that really move! / by Mary Blocksma and Dewey Blocksma ; illustrated by Sandra Hulst.
  2. Asian crafts / Judith Hoffman Corwin.
  3. Crafts for play / Karen Foster, editor.
  4. The Little Witch's book of toys / by Linda Glovach.
  5. Making New Testament toys / Margaret Hutchings, with ill. by the author.
  6. Making Old Testament toys. With illustrations by the author.
  7. Plastic bottles / by Nikki Connor ; illustrated by Sarah-Jane Neaves.
  8. Things that go! : how to make toy boats, cars, and planes / written by Judith Conaway ; illustrated by Renzo Barto.
  9. Toys / Meryl Doney.


  1. Country cross-stitch designs / by Ellen Stouffer.
  2. Dollhouse dolls & their clothes / Barbara Marsten, & Tina Bliss.
  3. Forever friends / by Nancy Bohlen.
  4. How to make doll clothes : a book for daughters, mothers, & grandmothers / written and illustrated by Emily R. Dow.
  5. Rag dolls and how to make them / edited by Dorothea Hall.


  1. Toy theaters / Lyndie Wright ; consultant, Henry Pluckrose ; photography, Chris Fairclough. Imprint New York : F. Watts, c1991.
  1. Dinosaurs : facts, things to make, activities / David Lambert and Rachel Wright.
  2. The Middle Ages / Peter Chrisp.
  3. Models / Helen and Peter McNiven ; with photographs by Chris Fairclough.
  4. Models / Helen Bliss & Ruth Thomson.
  5. A patch of earth / by Lani van Ryzin ; photos. by the author ; drawings by Caren Caraway.
  1. Looking at theater / by Robin May.
  2. Rosie backstage / written by Amanda Lewis and Tim Wynne-Jones ; illustrated by Bill Slavin.
  3. Stage and screen / Ian Graham.
  4. Putting on a play : the young playwright's guide to scripting, directing, and performing / Nancy Bentley and Donna Guthrie ; illustrated by Katy Keck Arnsteen
  1. Draw 50 airplanes, aircraft, & spacecraft / Lee J. Ames.
  2. Draw 50 athletes / Lee J. Ames.
  3. Draw 50 beasties and yugglies and turnover uglies and things that go bump in the night / Lee J. Ames.
  4. Draw 50 cars, trucks, and motorcycles / Lee J. Ames.
  5. Draw 50 cats / by Lee J. Ames.
  6. Draw 50 creepy crawlies / Lee J. Ames with Ray Burns.
  7. Draw 50 horses / Lee J. Ames.
  8. Draw 50 monsters, creeps, superheroes, demons, dragons, nerds, dirts, ghouls, giants, vampires, zombies, and other curiosa ... / Lee J. Ames.
  9. Draw 50 sharks, whales, and other sea creatures / Lee J. Ames with Warren Budd.
  10. Draw cars / by Doug Dubosque.
  11. Draw! Cars / Step-by Step. by Doug DuBosque.
  12. Draw desert animals / by Doug DuBosque.
  13. Draw dinosaurs / by Doug DuBosque.
  14. Draw dinosaurs / by Doug DuBosque.
  15. Draw fantasy : dragons, centaurs & other mythological characters / by Shari Cohen ; illustrated by Frank Dixon.
  16. Draw! grassland animals / by Doug DuBosque.
  17. Draw! ocean animals / by Doug DuBosque.
  18. Draw Rainforest Animals, A step-by step guide. / by Doug DuBosque.
  19. Draw the Bible : Noah's ark, David and Goliath, and other Bible stories / by Karen Hartmann ; illustrated by Kevin Davidson.
  20. Drawing dinosaurs / Jerome Goyallon.
  21. Ed Emberley's Big green drawing book.
  22. Ed Emberley's Big orange drawing book.
  23. Ed Emberley's Big purple drawing book.
  24. Ed Emberley's Great thumbprint drawing book.
  25. Ed Emberley's Picture pie : a circle drawing book.
  26. Horses & ponies / illustrated by Michelle Maltseff ; text by Susan Coleridge.
  27. How to draw and paint the outdoors / Moira Butterfield.
  28. How to draw cats / written and illustrated by Janet Rancan.
  29. How to draw Crash bandicoot and friends / by Ron Zalme.
  30. How to draw dinosaurs / by Christine Smith.
  31. How to draw dinosaurs / written and illustrated by Michael LaPlaca.
  32. How to draw dinosaurs and prehistoric life / Marit Claridge ; consultant: John Shackell ; edited by Judy Tatchell ; designed by Mike Pringle and Richard Johnson ; illustrated by Val Biro, Philip Hood and John Shackell.
  33. How to draw flowers / written and illustrated by Janice Kinnealy.
  34. How to draw horses and ponies / written and illustrated by Frank C. Smith.
  35. How to draw insects / Christine Smith.
  36. How to draw pets / by Christine Smith.
  37. How to draw sea creatures / written and illustrated by Barbara Soloff-Levy.
  38. How to draw trucks and cars / by Christine Smith.
  39. How to draw wild animals / by Christine Smith.
  40. I can draw animals / by Ray Gibson.
  41. I can draw animals / by Tony Tallarico.
  42. I can draw cars, trucks, trains, and other wheels / by Tony Tallarico.
  43. I can draw Christmas / by Tony Tallarico.
  44. I can draw comics and cartoons / by Frank C. Smith.
  45. I can draw horses / by Gill Speirs.
  46. I can draw People / by Gill Speirs.
  47. I can draw Pets / by Tony Tallarico.
  48. I can draw spaceships, aliens, and robots / by Tony Tallarico.
  49. I can draw sports / by Tony Tallarico.
  50. I can draw Star Trek: the spacecraft and other technical devices of Star Trek, the original series / by Tony Tallarico.
  51. Learn to draw 3-D / by Doug DuBosque.
  52. The magic pear : twelve outline drawing lessons with directions for the amusement of little folks / Morgan J. Sweeney.
  53. Painting and coloring dinosaurs / by Isidro S?anchez ; illustrations by Vicendc Ballestar ; photographs by Juan Carlos Martinez.
  54. Painting and drawing / by Diana Craig.
  55. Sketching outdoors in autumn / by Jim Arnosky.
  56. Sketching outdoors in spring / by Jim Arnosky.
  57. Sketching outdoors in summer / by Jim Arnosky.
  58. Sketching outdoors in winter / by Jim Arnosky.
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