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The Greatest Little Show On Strings!

"A Circus is coming to our school!" An announcement that will always be greeted with excited anticipation by your students.

An inspiring circus theme marionette show with a unique approach providing high quality professional performance with emphasis on areas of school curriculum. Praised by educators for curriculum tie-ins and motivating students. The production features puppets that dance, juggle, swing on the trapeze, do dare devil stunts and more! 

The Circus Show has been re-furbished with original, unique puppet routines in addition to the already popular specialty marionettes featured in the performance!

These NEW attractions include:

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Roger, the Dare Devil Cat,
is launched by catapult and soars across the stage! Audience members participate!

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The Country Bunny Family
Pa plays fiddle, Ma rides a unicycle & juggles, and Jr. does a clogging dance

The program includes on-stage Educational Components that gives practical examples of the benefits of literacy, library research, and knowledge of mathematics. The show itself relates to Fine Arts areas. A demonstration of the techniques used in the construction of the puppets used in the show gives students further appreciation of Crafts and Material Arts areas.

Additionally, a Study Guide is provided for before and after show discussion topics and includes useful language arts and math exercises! There is also an extensive BOOK LIST you can download to extend your students' reading list.

Audience behavior is not a problem with a "Circus Berzerkus" show. By using masterful puppet manipulation and skillful audience interaction, Peter Hart will fascinate, involve, and focus your students in a program they will want to see again! You'll be amazed! See Reviews for comments from educators.

The flexible variety format gives "Circus Berzerkus" the advantage of being able to be presented to a wide range of school and community audiences.   Educational Components are adjusted to grade levels attending. The length of program can be adjusted from 20 minutes to a complete hour to include a question and answer segment. Upper grade levels (junior and high school) can benefit with information that will inspire renewed interest in arts elective courses.



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Audience: Grades PreK K 1 2 3 4 5 6 or General Audience 

Program Length: Adjustable from 20 minutes - full hour
Additional Pages of Interest for This Program
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Technical Information

Performance area requirements in diagram fashion. We bring everything, you provide the space!
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Show Cost & Audience Size

The fees for the individual programs along with information on preferred audience maximum.
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Study Guide

The particular Study Guide for this program that teachers can access directly in their class


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