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Birthday Party Info


The following is for those seeking the services of Atlanta Puppet for Birthday Events.


Birthdays are defined here as celebratory events focused on one person, funded by parents or relatives of birthday celebrant, with anticipated audience numbering not more than 50.

Birthday Combos (2 or more celebrants or families combining), Family Re-unions, Receptions, Company / Corporate Sponsored Anniversary / Family Days, and School /Church / Synagogue Family Functions are
different categories not covered by terms, conditions, and costs described here. Please refer to pages elsewhere on this site using the Site Map.


$ COST $:
We give special consideration to families in the celebration of a loved one's birthday. Therefore, the cost for a Birthday performance is comparatively lower than the cost charged to schools, festivals, or other venues.

If you live in the Atlanta Metro area, the cost for a Birthday Party performance is $225. Cash is preferred. Costs for locations outside of the Metro Atlanta area are higher depending on distance and / or travel time.
We emphasize: cash is preferred. Please see Deposit and Payment method below


The preferred show for a birthday is the Circus Puppet show. It is in a variety format so it is time-adjustable from 25 min - 40 min. depending on the age of the audience (40 min. is typical for an audience of children 4 years old). Our shows are for general or family audiences.

Grownups are encouraged to attend. There is a degree of humor, sophistication, and skill presented that will keep your adult guests from feeling "trapped in a kiddie show". You can feel confident they will thank you afterward for the experience.

The line-up of puppet routines in the show generally includes as a base:
1. The French Clown Dancer
2. Top Hat Bones Skeleton
3. A Quartet of Dancing Unicorns
4. Beartie, the Juggling English Teddy Bear
5. Friedrich and Frieda, Bavarian Polka Dancers
6. The Mountain Bunny Family - Pa plays fiddle; Ma rides unicycle and juggles; Junior does clogging dance
Other performance routines that can be included:
1. Boris, the Dare-Devil Ramp Jumper (depends on performance space available)
2. Italian Duet with Sir Andrea (Knight) and his horse Sarah
3. Pierrot Squirt Puppet (best for outdoors on warm days)
4. Roger, the Dare-Devil Cat Puppet launched by Catapult


Present for Birthday Child - At the end of the show the birthday child receives a gift from Atlanta Puppet.

Flyer Announcement -  We will also send you a flyer announcement that you can print out and use for your invitations. The flyer announcement will  feature your child's name, party address, phone number (optional), show title, date, time guests should arrive for the show, and picture of one of the puppets from the show. The flyer announcement will be sent in an easily downloadable JPG file to an e-mail address you provide


We strive to make booking as easy a process as possible for you:
- Our first suggestion is to use our Fast Fill Form at the link Fast-Fill
- You can use the Site Map to find a link to a calendar. Check the calendars posted there to see if the date you have in mind is available. If so, you can send an e-mail request directly from the calendar page. Please use "Puppet Booking" as the subject line to insure your e-mail is opened first.
- You can also call us at 770 621-9162. If we are not there, please leave a message with return phone number.

We highly recommend the Fast Fill Form or e-mail method as it puts things in writing and avoids the confusion of message accidently deleted, running out of recorded message time, bad phone connection, etc.


If it is determined your date and time are available, there are 2 ways to hold a date and time for your event:
1. A non-refundable check for half the total amount of the performance ($95) will be required
2. Or a money order for half the total amount of the performance ($95)

The deposit check / money order should be made out to and mailed to:
Peter Hart
1292 Idlewood Road
Tucker, Ga. 30084

Please Note: The check / money order should be made out to the name "Peter Hart" only. Do not make the payment out to "Atlanta Puppet".

We will notify you immediately upon receipt of the deposit check/ money order.

Dates will be held firm only after the deposit has been received by us.

For e-mail bookings, the date will be labeled "In Negotiation" on the calendar pending receipt of the deposit check. This label will apply for the date for 5 work week days. The date will be re-opended if the deposit check is not received at the end of the 5 day period.

If using recycled envelopes from business mail (or envelopes with your employer's name) to mail the deposit, please hand write clearly: BIRTHDAY on bottom left corner of envelope so it will not be confused as being junk mail and disposed


At the time of the performance, the deposit check will be returned to you in exchange for cash in total (including travel fees if applicable).

At the time of the performance, cash or a separate money order will be due for the balance of the total (including travel fees if applicable). Once again, cash is preferred.



Please see Birthday Party Performance Diagram

Set-up time for the show is approx. 45 minutes. Take-down time is approx. the same. It is recommended the show be set up in an area separate from other party activities (refreshments, other attractions or entertainers, or birthday present collection areas).
An Atlanta Puppet performance involves a number of elements (sound system, staging, etc.) to insure you are getting the most professional, fully equipped production for your special event. All of these elements must be transferred from our vehicle to the performance area.

In consideration of this, please provide 2 adults for assistance if the process of load-in and load-out involves negotiating stairs, unpaved paths, or steep grades. 

This will greatly facilitate the load-in process, insure the performance time is met, and prevent the image of an exhausted performer on stage in front of your guests. All elements are either on wheels or may be hand-carried. There is no heavy lifting involved. Depending on terrain and obstacles to be negotiated, the process should not take more than 10 minutes of the adults' time.

The arrival and set up of the puppet show can be a source of activity involving your birthday child and guests. If the birthday celebrant(s) is 4 year old or older, and the visiting children guests are also of the same age range, they can participate in the set up of the show. They will be instructed in light duties regarding setting up and decorating the stage. This has proven to be effective in making the birthday celebrant (and guest children) feel connected with the event and provides a simple solution to a child's curiosity about what is going on. It can also provide good video or photo opportunities.


An easy format most birthday hosts follow for their event:
-Puppet Show arrives and begins load in 15 minutes prior to guests arriving
-Guests arrive and spend 30 minutes socializing and orientating themselves
to location
-Puppet Show is performed
-Refreshments are served in separate area. Puppet Show begins take down
-Presents are opened or games played in separate area. Puppet Show begins
load out
-Guests begin to depart. Puppet Show is loaded out, payment received, and


The preferred Circus Berzerkus show has the advantage of being able to fit into any party event as a charming feature attraction regardless of the party theme.

You may wish to enhance the event by creating an overall Circus Theme with co-ordinating party supplies.

Our past clients have recommended several sources for ideas and party supply vendors. Click on the links below to go to specific web pages:

- Circus theme party supplies from Oriental Trading Company -

- Circus theme supply and party favor from PlumParty -

- Carnival type party games and prizes by Small Toys   -



A note about video: We respect the wish of those who want to record moments in their family's life for posterity. We have developed guidelines that should be followed when video taping is present during one of our performances. We feel the guidelines allow for the maximum comfort of the audience while still giving an opportunity to capture moments of the event.
- The person(s) video taping must be aware of not blocking the view or distracting the audience with their presence during the performance.
- It is advised to those wishing to video tape the event to include audience reactions (particulary the children and birthday celebrant).

Still photos are welcome during the performance and we will gladly allow extra time for posing of the puppets with your guests after the performance.

- End Information -

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Contact : Peter & Mary Ann Hart    ph: 770 621-9162