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Peter Hart Atlanta Puppet Circus Show Clown Marionette
Circus Berzerkus
Motivational & Curriculum Enhanced
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Character Education Focus

Atlanta Puppet Peter Hart Holiday Show Monkey Marionettes
Holiday On Strings

Atlanta Puppet Peter Hart International Show Puppets
International Show

Cultures Focus
Atlanta Puppet Peter Hart Weather Show puppet
Weather Show

Earth Science Focus

Atlanta Puppet Peter Hart School Audience at puppet show

Cost for performance programs can average out to less than $3 per student. Puppet programs are brought to your school without the added expense/logistics of field trips!


Our commitment to inform, inspire, educate, and motivate young audiences is reflected in every puppet show and puppetry service we offer in our school programs

10 Things You Can Be Sure Of When You Book An
Atlanta Puppet Performance Program

  1. A fully equipped, professional puppet show production - we bring everything needed!
  2. The school puppet show performance programs are highly visual and action oriented.
  3. Music plays an important part in all puppet show performances and sets a tempo and tone that is appreciated by students and teachers alike.
  4. The puppet shows are designed to be relevant to curriculum standards with important references to literacy, math, and character education
  5. Comprehensive Study Guides available on-line will extend the value of the program into the classroom
  6. Skilled audience rapport and audience interaction will hold the audience in rapt attention with no behavior problems
  7. A wide range of grade levels can attend
  8. And Educators agree - See Reviews!
  9. Free flyers provided to you to promote the event and generate interest
  10. All this at a Discount with Fast Response to all requests!

A school puppet performance program by Atlanta Puppet is much more than just another puppet show. It's an opportunity to inspire your students with an art form that demonstrates the practical use of everything they learn in your class!


ATLANTA PUPPET    Peter & Mary Ann Hart   (770) 621-9162

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